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Bird Hospital

Optimal care for you bird

Bird Hospital

Optimal care for you bird

Welcome to the Bird Hospital

In our bird hospital we work hard to guarantee the optimal care for your bird. All kinds of birds are welcome, from a pet canary, to racing pigeons, raptors or even swans.

Each species of bird demands a particular treatment and care. Conditions and diseases can differ greatly between the different species of birds. Birds are a very different species of animal than for example dogs and cats. A veterinarian with specialised knowledge is therefore not a luxury, but a necessity. You can turn to us with all your questions, we can give you advice about housing and caring for your bird. In the case of disease or illness, we have extensive knowledge and facilities to help your bird.

In the bird hospital you can find:

  • State of the art ultrasonic equipment
  • Extensive endoscopic equipment, e.g. for sexing of birds, health checks etc.
  • Inhalation anaesthesia, essential in bird medicine
  • Specific cages for hospitalisation, we have heated cages and cages where oxygen supplementation is possible
  • Radiographic equipment
  • In-house blood analysis
  • Microscopic examination, for example in the diagnosis of canker or fungal infections
  • Bacterial culture, including sensitivity testing
  • Faecal examination for parasites
  • Orthopaedic surgery, treating of fractures
  • Internal medicine
  • Preventive medicine, vaccination, testing, advice
  • Treatment of feather picking
  • Shortening of nails and/or beak

If you have acquired a new bird, you can come for a full health check and identification of your bird.

In case of sudden death of your bird, or of one of your birds, we can do a post-mortem examination (see health check and examination for more information).

Important: Our avian veterinarian Tony Oranje is not at the hospital every day. If you make an appointment for your bird, let us know ahead of the appointment if he is present to avoid disappointment. There is always another veterinarian present, so do come and see us immediately in case of an emergency!

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